IoTecha’s HomePlug GreenPHY+V2G Analyzer for ISO/IEC 15118-2 & 15118-20 V2G enables in-depth analysis of V2G communication using packet capturing and protocol analysis. It is widely used by EV industry leaders for interoperability testing for ISO/IEC 15118 – the core communication protocol used in the Combined Charging System (CCS). The PilotSharkTM V2G option enables full decode and display of V2G EXI encoded data.

The HPGP analyzer is the only tool in the market capable of non-intrusive protocol analysis, having the ability of displaying low-level HomePlug GreenPHY MPDUs – frames transmitted on the pilot line using powerline communication – as well as decrypted / re-assembled Layer 2.

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“We selected IoTecha’s PilotShark™ because of its innovative approach of passive and non-intrusive capture and analysis of EV-EVSE communication with no ‘man-in-the-middle,’ which considerably improves the accuracy and reliability of the measurements without causing the measurement to change the system operation,”said Klaus Kersting, EV/HEV Senior Manager of Applus+IDIADA.

Features include:

  • Non-invasive capturing of HPGP messages
  • Two simultaneous capture outputs:
    • It is capable of displaying low level HPGP MPDUs (Frames transmitted on the PLC)
    • As well as decrypted / re assembled L2 traffic and back reference to physical layer frames from L2 frames.
  • Enhanced SLAC protocol analysis:
    • Expert analysis of SLAC messages for NMK change which can allow the sniffer to understand HPGP key changes and capture the resultant PHY encrypted exchange.
    • PLC signal level measurement can be performed on all received packets containing ROBO modulated payload, allowing for external verification of the SLAC power level data. This mode is also useful in development to ensure the proper PSD and to diagnose communication issues. (This will be enabled with a future SW update).
  • Data visualization and decoding in Wireshark:
    • Plug-ins to decode HPGP MPDU messaging; Enables use of standard Wireshark packet dissectors and filters available to decode and display re-assembled MSDU traffic; PilotShark V2G option enables full decode and display of V2G EXI encoded data.

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