IoTecha was born at the nexus of two powerful trends: transportation electrification and smart grid evolution. After launching our silicon as a part of the STMicroelectronics family, we saw the opportunity, or more precisely the need, to provide highly integrated software and hardware solutions for the Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure that accelerate time to market. EV charging is a great IoT example where Operations Technologies meet Information Technologies. The market needs solution providers capable of bringing these two worlds together. Our goal is to simplify the development and implementation of Smart EV Charging Smart Grid for Electric Vehicle (EV) integration.


In March of 2016 Mr. Logvinov joined IoTecha corporation as a co-founder, President, and CEO. Prior to joining IoTecha Mr. Logvinov was a Director of Special Assignments in STMicroelectronics’ Industrial & Power Conversion Division where he was deeply engaged in market and technology development activities in the area of Industrial IoT including the applications of IEEE 1901 powerline communication technology in harsh environments of industrial IoT. During the last 25 years Mr. Logvinov has held various senior technical and executive management positions in the telecommunications and semiconductor industry. After graduating from the Technical University of Ukraine (KPI) with the equivalent of a Master’s degree in electrical engineering, Mr. Logvinov began his carrier as a senior researcher at the R&D Laboratory of the Ukraine Department of Energy at the KPI.

In January of 2015 Mr. Logvinov was appointed as the chair of the IEEE Internet Initiative. The IEEE Internet Initiative connects engineers, scientists, industry leaders, and others engaged in an array of technology and industry domains globally, with policy experts to help improve the understanding of technology and its implications and impact on Internet governance issues. In addition, the Initiative focuses on raising awareness of public policy issues and processes in the global technical community. He is also a past member of the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) Corporate Advisory Group and the IEEE-SA Standards Board. Mr. Logvinov also chairs the Industry Engagement track of the IEEE IoT Initiative and created a series of worldwide IoT Startup Competition events.

Mr. Logvinov actively participates in several IEEE standards development working groups with the focus on the IoT and Communications Technologies. Mr. Logvinov is the chair of the IEEE P2413 “Standard for an Architectural Framework for the Internet of Things’ Working Group. He helped found the HomePlug Powerline Alliance and is the past President and CTO of the Alliance. Mr. Logvinov has more than 45 patents to his credit and has been an invited speaker on multiple occasions.

Smart Grid for Electric Vehicle (EV) Integrations


Mr. Macaluso joined IoTecha as a co-founder and EVP of Engineering. Prior to joining IoTecha, Michael held a senior engineering management position at STMicroelectronics. Mr. Macaluso is an effective multi-disciplinary engineering manager with nearly 20 years’ experience in data communications, embedded software, hardware, signal processing, ASIC, and SoC development.

Michael Macaluso has been working in the area of high speed powerline communications from its inception. Holding a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Michael began early undergraduate research under the direction of Dr. Dino Manikopolus in the field of high-speed powerline communications. In 1997, with Dr. Manikopolus, Michael was part of the team that founded one of the early powerline communication companies name Peak Communications Technology. Through several corporate and name changes, this team and IP was acquired by STMicroelectronics in December of 2010.

One of the most experienced engineers and engineering managers in the powerline communications field, Michael has lead the development of two SoC devices (Arkados’ AI-1100, and STMicroelectronics ST-2100); both successful on first tape out. Michael was responsible for all aspects of conception to production for both SoC devices, leading the development of the SoC architecture, and participating in hands-on verification of its implementation. Michael led the architecture of the ST2100 para-virtualized software to realize a cost effective single processor solution combining the benefits of software MAC flexibility, managing the challenging tasks of hard real time response, while also incorporating a hypervisor to run customer applications under Linux.

Smart Grid for Electric Vehicle (EV) Integrations

Wlodek P. Kubalski, Head of Cloud Engineering

Wlodek Kubalski is an accomplished technology executive with over fifteen years of experience building/growing startups and running engineering departments in a multi-billion-dollar company. Wlodek joined IoTecha to lead the creation and development of IoTecha’s Intelligent Power Platform. Before joining IoTecha, he has been advising several startups aiming tobuild highly scalable, big data platforms.

In 2014 Wlodek joined yieldPlanet to grow the engineering team and expand the technology infrastructure. He led teams through architecture, design, and engineering effort to scale yieldPlanet systems and to migrate applications from a traditional client-server architecture into cloud-based solutions. Wlodek established and led the data science team, defined data pipeline architecture to optimize data collection and processing. He worked on a joint project with Princeton University employing predictive analytics and machine learning techniques to forecast future hotel guest arrivals and occupancy rates.

As a CTO at FindLaw/Thomson Reuters, Wlodek grew the engineering team from a fewindividuals into a world-class organization of 70+ geographically dispersed professionals. His team enabled company revenue growth from zero to more than $300M. He led the creation of the technology infrastructure to support rapid growth, the delivery of innovative solutions, and efficient operations. Wlodek pioneered the usage ofHadoop and Big Data tools at Thomson Reuters to meet the increasing demand for dataanalytics services. He established FindLaw R&D and Data Science teams and evangelized the use of Machine Learning to promote data-driven decision processes.

Smart Grid for Electric Vehicle (EV) Integrations


Ruben has operated an independent investment and consulting firm, Burton LaSalle Capital Corp., since 1992, specializing in startup financing and financial consulting. His portfolio investments and clients have included industries such as software, semiconductors, networking, Internet, home automation and clean energy. Ruben has advised numerous technology start-ups.

Ruben is also a Managing Principal of Terramar Properties, SA, a real estate development firm with over 200 acres under management on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. He started his career as an attorney with Fine Jacobson Schwartz Nash Block and England, PA in Miami, specializing in corporate law. Ruben has a JD degree from the University of Miami and an MBA from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Smart Grid for Electric Vehicle (EV) Integrations


Brenda is a highly accomplished business leader with extensive experience in Operations, Project Management, and Systems/Network Engineering. Brenda leverages her technology, business and operations expertise to strategize and lead the organization to operational excellence, including: commercial contracts and agreements, customer and supplier relationships, process improvements, sales and forecasting, project management, finance, supply chain and logistics management, customer service, and human resources. Brenda has an exceptional ability to lead cross-functional teams resulting in business success and growth.

At IoTecha, Brenda has cultivated relationships with customers, vendors and team members, negotiated commercial contracts and agreements, and developed strategies for process and cost improvements to successfully drive company results. Brenda also has 11 years of experience as a senior systems engineer at Bellcore, providing in-depth technical expertise for communications networks. In addition, Brenda led the operations and human resource management for several startups and small businesses.

Brenda graduated summa cum laude from Lehigh University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering, and holds a Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Rutgers University.

Smart Grid for Electric Vehicle (EV) Integrations


Vincent joined IoTecha in March 2021 as Senior VP of Growth. He leads business development efforts in North America and helps shape the company’s go-to-market strategy. He brings over 20 years of experience in telecommunications and Internet of Things, and over 5 years working with utilities on grid modernization, including transportation electrification. Vincent combines a deep technical expertise with a solid business acumen and has a track record of bringing innovative technology solutions to market.

Prior to joining IoTecha, Vincent was the VP of Marketing at Kitu Systems, where he also managed the EV service business, deployed hundreds of networked EV chargers across the United States, and advanced Vehicle-Grid-Integration by working with the most advanced utilities on smart charging programs and Vehicle-to-Grid pilots.

Vincent held a broad range of positions in the telecommunications industry, working on various market and technology segments. As a Director of IoT Marketing at Nokia, he established a global ecosystem to accelerate IoT technology adoption by utilities, smart cities and automotive companies. In 2012, he founded and led Ideafy, an innovation management company, developing web-based SaaS for enterprises. Prior to Ideafy, he worked at Alcatel-Lucent for 18 years where he held different positions, including VP of Emerging Technology and Innovation, Director of Product Management for Enterprise Communications, and Director of Business Development.

Vincent holds a MSEE from ISEP in Paris and an MBA from EM Lyon.

Smart Grid for Electric Vehicle (EV) Integrations


In January of 2021, Ms. Sarubbi joined Iotecha to help expand the company’s media opportunities. With 25 years of experience spanning film, television. digital signage, digital media, technology, ad sales and marketing, together with a tirelessly vibrant presence, Kim is a force both on and off the podium and has become a popular speaker and panel chair at leading industry events. She is also the inventor of multiple US patents.

Kim was recruited out of the University of Central Florida where she majored in Communications with a focus on Corporate Business and Development by The Nightwing Group as they launched PetCARE TV, a combination Place-Based Media Channel in Veterinary offices and on Cable TV. Shortly after the Cable Channel was sold to Animal Planet, Kim assumed total responsibility for Trade Shows and Advertising. When Nightwing was acquired by Entertainment Arts Kim was asked to run the Advertising Sales department, and shortly thereafter was given total Marketing and Sales responsibility. Over the years, Ms. Sarubbi has been instrumental in launching several DOOH Networks. Her roles focused on hardware, software, and marketing technology selections. Including (CMS) Content Management System and (DSP) Demand Side Platform integration. Ms. Sarubbi’s responsibilities also extended to content production, website creation and social media platforms. As the only woman ever to be elected Chairwoman of the Digital Signage Federation, Ms. Sarubbi also served on the Executive Committee, as Secretary/Treasurer, Vice-Chairwomen, and currently serves on the Chairman’s Council. During her tenure, Kim was tapped to write the industry standards manual on creating content for the DOOH Industry.

Kim continues to stay on the leading edge in her field expanding her knowledge in technology. She currently has certification in IoT from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Contract Law from Harvard Law School, and Connected Strategy, Digital Marketing, Social Media, and E-Commerce from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Ms. Sarubbi is currently chair of ACE (Associates for Connected Experiences) an Advocacy Group of Associations. This group has over 12 global Associations dedicated to the customer experience with a purpose of actively supporting & promoting the common business interests of the world-wide customer experience industry, the interactive technologies industry and digital out-of-home network industry.


Ira Noble joined IoTecha from The Bountiful Company (which was acquired in August 2021 by Nestlé Health Science from KKR and the Carlyle Group), where he served as Vice President Financial Planning & Analysis, Strategic Projects, and Supply Chain Finance. Previously, Ira held leadership positions at Cognizant and PepsiCo during which he closely collaborated with their Investor Relations, Controllership, Internal Audit, Corporate Strategy, and Commercial teams.

Ira holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and currently serves as Treasurer and as a member of the Board of Directors for Woodcock Nature Center, a non-profit organization in southwestern Connecticut.


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