IoTecha’s 48 Amp Level 2 EV Charger

IoTecha’s CCS-C48A charger incorporates innovative technologies to provide an outstanding charging experience for electric vehicle owners, all at an affordable price.


The charger has a maximum rating of 48A and its power output can be adjusted to accommodate existing capacity. The CCS-C48A is fully compatible with ISO15118-20 and ISO15118-2, enabling seamless communication between the charger and the electric vehicle. It supports various smart charging scenarios, including Plug & Charge and load management solutions.


This unit features IoTecha’s unique mechanical design, which includes a modular front fascia. This design allows customers to customize the charger’s appearance. By simply clipping on an interchangeable front cover, users can choose from a range of design options, allowing them to personalize their chargers to match their style or brand identity.


Assembled in the United States, the CCS-C48A, not only ensures exceptional product performance but also contributes to local job growth and qualifies for several incentive programs as well. Furthermore, the charger is designed to simplify the installation process by eliminating the need to open the charger, which reduces installation time and effort, making it more efficient for installers.


Offered at a competitive introductory price, this unit includes IoT.ON™ platform connectivity and comes with a 5-year warranty when combined with IoT.ON™ Advanced Device Management.

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