Hardware Development

IoTecha’s team was a co-creator of the HomePlug AV/GP and IEEE 1901 Powerline Communication technology. This team has successfully developed all silicon and board level implementations based on this technology and now in full production by STMicroelectronics. Leveraging this expertise IoTecha offers a full range of hardware development services from device integration to full turnkey product delivery.


Embedded Software

IoTecha’s team has deep expertise in the design and implementation of software based Media Access Control (MAC) engines, Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS), Embedded Linux applications, and Communication Subsystems with a focus on intelligent EV charging systems and protocols. Leveraging this expertise, IoTecha offers a full range of embedded software development services from custom AC and DC EV charger control systems based on IoTecha standard software components, driver development and system integration to full turnkey product delivery based on IoTecha standard and custom designed hardware modules.

Cloud, Web and Mobile Software Development

IoTecha’s highly skilled, Agile, result-oriented software development team delivers end-to-end solutions and services from its locations in the US and Europe. Our mixture of in-depth knowledge of AWS IoT platform, stream processing, AI-driven predictive analytics and our experience with major open source technologies from high-performance JS (React, Angular, D3, Node) to iOS/Android apps, gives us a very broad toolset to deliver highly customized solutions for our partners.


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