Combined Charging System on Module (CCSoM)

Combined Charging System on Module (CCSoM)

IoTecha’s Combined Charging System on Module (CCSoM) is a System-on-Module solution that enables manufacturers of L2 chargers to shorten the time to market and minimize the development effort while producing an intelligent charger. The CCSoM is also an ideal solution for integration into L3 DC chargers.In addition to being available as a Module, the CCSoM is the foundation for IoTecha’s AC Charger which is available as a “white label” product, fully integrated with ISO/IEC 15118 and IoT.ON™ cloud connectivity.

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PilotShark ISO/IEC 15118 Protocol Analyzer

IoTecha’s Protocol Analyzer enables in-depth analysis of V2G communication using a non-invasive packet capturing and protocol analysis. It is capable of displaying low-level HomePlug GreenPHY MPDUs (frames transmitted on the pilot line using powerline communication) as well as decrypted / re-assembled Layer 2.

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PilotShark ISO/IEC 15118 Protocol Analyzer
IoTecha’s Intelligent Power Platform (IoT.ON™)

IoT.ON™ PaaS

IoTecha’s Intelligent Power Platform (IoT.ON™) is a powerful cloud-based tool enabling charger manufacturers and charging station operators to significantly reduce charger downtime and monitor charger status and performance. IoT.ON™ has great offerings: Cloud and Edge. IoT.ON™ Cloud offers EV-Grid management and intelligent charging orchestration services. IoTecha leverages its unique Combined Charging System on Module (CCSoM) devices to collect vital operational data that IoT.ON™ uses to deliver easy to use and intuitive visualizations, as well as provide operational insights based on the wide range of analytics while improving ROI. IoT.ON™ Edge is the on-premises Smart Charging Manager that offers EVs demand aware load sharing and load optimization. It has the capability to leverage IoT.ON™ cloud-based optimization algorithms or it can act autonomously in collaboration with the local BMS using available and forecasted load curve info.

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