White Label and Custom Level 2 EV Chargers


Whether you are looking to deploy a state-of-the-art EV charging infrastructure or build your next generation EVSE, IoTecha’s flexible level 2 charging solutions supporting a wide range of applications.

IoTecha’s Level 2 AC Charger is the most advanced level 2 EVSE on the market. This EVSE provides up to 19.2kW of charging power at 80A. It supports ISO 15118 High-Level Communications with the EV as well as OCPP 1.6+ to implement both Plug and Charge and Smart Charging over a variety of connectivity options (LAN, Wi-Fi, LTE, etc). This charger has an extensive track record of successful interoperability with many electric vehicle manufacturers and charge point operators.

The Level 2 AC Charger can be fully customized, including with your logo and branding, choice of color for the external casing and connectivity options. It can be wall-mounted or attached to a pedestal.

IoTecha also provides the EVSE inner module, Level 2 AC Charger-INX, as an independent UL-certified component allowing easy and rapid integration into custom EVSE designs. This greatly accelerates time-to-market and de-risks production of chargers and allows you to focus on driver interaction and experience (EVSE form factor, cable management, display and Human Machine Interface).

EVSE form factor, cable management, display and Human Machine Interface

Charging Solution for the Home

The CCS-C48A level 2 charger allows charging at a rate of 11.5 kW on 48 Amps.


The Level 2 AC Charger has a simple user interface to allow plug and play charging. A fully customizable mobile application lets the driver start, stop or schedule a charge (for example to avoid on-peak electricity prices). The charger can also interface with home automation systems such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Apple Homepod, making it easy to control from anywhere within the home. It can even be integrated with a home energy management system via its MQTT interface.

When used in conjunction with IoT.ON™ services, the charger can participate in residential smart charging or VGI programs, which can result in substantial savings on the electric bill.

Click here to learn more about the the CCS-C48A.

Charging Solution for the Home 

Charging Solutions for Workplace and Multi-Unit Dwellings

IoTecha’s Level 2 AC Charger is perfectly suited for deployment in workplace of MUD settings:


The Level 2 AC Charger is easy to install, can be mounted on the wall or on a pedestal and can be installed indoor or outdoor. It offers multiple connectivity options (LAN, Wi-Fi, LTE), allowing deployment of smart charging and other networked functionalities in environments where wireless communications might not be available (e.g., underground parking lots).


The Level 2 AC Charger provides various ways to control and monitor access to the stations, including via RFID, application-based driver authentication, or Plug and Charge, enabling site hosts to assign chargers or group of chargers to employees or tenants, monitor and schedule their usage.


The Level 2 AC Charger’s power output can be adjusted by an energy management system such as IoT.ON™. The output current can be set to a specific value or a percentage of the maximum rating. This allows site hosts to specify a power budget not to be exceeded across all chargers, for example to offer more ports than the electrical service would otherwise be able to accommodate. Load management can be used to reduce the impact of demand charges by avoiding load peaks, or to optimize charging costs based on Time-of-Use rates.

Charging Solutions for Workplace and Multi-Unit Dwellings

For EV Fleet Owners

IoTecha’s Level 2 AC Charger enables fleet owners to maximize their fleet operation and optimize their charging infrastructure:


Take charging complexity out of the hands of your drivers. With IoTecha’s Plug and Charge EVSEs, all they need to do is plug-in the vehicle. Smart charging takes place in the background with automated vehicle authentication, pre-configured state of charge preferences, and integration with fleet operations.


IoTecha chargers can be managed locally via the IoT.ON Edge site controller. Optimize charging schedules and energy loads to maximize vehicle operation while reducing energy costs. Configure charging infrastructure parameters and behavior locally for enhanced security and/or to maintain operation even during communication network outages.


Take advantage of IoTecha’s charger bi-directional capabilities to optimize power flows, charging and discharging, based on overall facility energy management policy. Integrate with local energy management systems, renewable energy sources, or energy storage to increase the RoI of your charging infrastructure.

For EV Fleet Owners

For EVSE Fleet Managers

IoTecha’s Level 2 AC Charger was designed for scale and interoperability, making it an ideal charger for EV service providers and mobility operators. It offers many features geared towards companies looking to deploy a large base of geographically dispersed charging stations:


Deploy our chargers with your brand identity and tailored configuration. Our products can be fully adapted to your guidelines (logo, color, HMI), network interface specifications, and satisfy your custom mechanical design requirements.


Our chargers implement the latest communication standards (such as OCPP, ISO 15118) and have undergone numerous interoperability testing with charge point operators and EV manufacturers. IoTecha’s SDK allows full software customization.


Easily manage your installed park and eliminate costly truck rolls by leveraging IoTecha’s device management agent. Perform remote maintenance, including firmware updates, and monitor charger status, alarms and notifications messages to resolve issues before customer is even impacted.


Participate in utility smart charging programs and take advantage of the device’s utility-grade metering capabilities. Obtain the EV State of Charge and adjust the charger’s power output.

For EV Fleet Owners

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