IoTecha Unveils Exciting New Features with Latest Update to IoT.ON™ Cloud Platform

April 8, 2024

IoTecha Unveils Exciting New Features with Latest Update to IoT.ON™ Cloud Platform

We are excited to share the latest upgrades to our IoT.ON™ cloud platform! This newest iteration introduces a suite of advanced features aimed at elevating the user experience and providing more control over electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure management. 

What’s new?

Introducing IoT.ON™ X: Elevating Management Efficiency

A highlight of this update is the launch of IoT.ON™ X, which multiplies the platform capabilities by introducing multi-tenant features. IoT.ON™ X, now includes a Supervisor portal enabling authorized users to oversee their customer portfolio, including all associated chargers, directly from their dashboard. Supervisors can also log in to customer portals with specific roles, streamlining the management of customer devices.  Every action is meticulously tracked, ensuring a secure and trusted management process. IoT.ON™ X simplifies instance management, empowering users to create, assign, and securely connect chargers to instances as needed. 

Anomaly Detection and Proactive Monitoring

We are excited to further enhance operational efficiency and profitability for our customers with the introduction of Advanced Anomaly Detection. This feature automates the identification and resolution of issues, significantly reducing manual intervention. By proactively monitoring and pinpointing potential problems, operations teams can directly address specific chargers or issues, thus conserving resources and increasing operational efficiency.

In tandem, IoTecha’s predictive maintenance capability leverages telemetry, fault reporting, and data analytics to preemptively identify issues, optimizing maintenance schedules and reducing costs. These new tools not only foresee but also preempt challenges before they escalate.

A New Interface Design for an Enhanced User Experience

This latest update also features a new look, with a modern redesign of the IoT.ON™ platform interface and major user experience improvements, including a redesigned Home Page featuring clickable elements that guide users seamlessly to relevant information. Immediate access to data such as Total Energy, Charging Sessions, and Faults ensures that users are well-informed and in command of their EV charging deployments from the moment they log in.

Additional Features for Streamlined Operations

Other noteworthy features, that greatly simplify the management and operation of EV charging infrastructures include:

  • Configuration Batch Management: this feature enables users to simultaneously update multiple configuration parameters across multiple devices. This unified approach enhances efficiency and reduces the time required to manage device configurations.
  • Configuration Advanced Search: Enhancing the usability of the IoT.ON™ platform, this functionality allows users to perform detailed searches for specific Configuration Nodes, Parameters, or parameter values. This advanced search capability makes it easier for users to navigate and manage the extensive configurations of their charging infrastructure, ensuring a more efficient and tailored search experience.


Reach out to our team for a demo and check out the new look and features. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our advanced EV charging cloud platform!

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