IoTecha’s Leading EV Smart Charging Technology Enables Hager Energy to Power Volkswagen’s First Bidirectional ID. Model

December 12, 2023

IoTecha’s Leading EV Smart Charging Technology Enables Hager Energy to Power Volkswagen’s First Bidirectional ID. Model

CRANBURY, NJ, UNITED STATES, December 12, 2023  — IoTecha, provider of industry-leading Smart Charging platform for electric vehicles (EVs), and Hager Energy have a longstanding collaboration to develop innovative and market-disruptive charging products. The recent announcement by Volkswagen of bidirectional charging support on new ID. models (and existing models through an ID. Software update) and availability of a “Vehicle to Home” solution with Hager Energy’s DC home power station marks a major achievement and a key milestone in this collaboration. By combining IoTecha Smart Charging controllers with Hager Energy innovative product design and home energy expertise, the two companies are moving the EV Charging industry into a new phase that unlocks the full benefits of e-mobility.

Bidirectional Smart Charging, such as Vehicle to Home (V2H) and Vehicle to Grid (V2G), is a game changer for the energy industry and for the electrification of transportation. First-generation EV chargers, launched globally over the past decade, were merely a drag on energy resources whereas this new Bidirectional Smart Charging technology enables EVs to serve as distributed energy resources to stabilize the power grid and drive energy independence for EV owners and operators. Bidirectional Smart Charging profoundly alters the economics of EV ownership: instead of being a cost, EV Charging can become a net revenue contributor for homeowners and site hosts participating in grid programs.

“Volkswagen, IoTecha, and HagerEnergy have certified a bidirectional charging system enabled by ISO/IEC 15118,” stated Andreas Piepenbrink, CEO of HagerEnergy GmbH. “It is the first system of E3/DC® by HagerEnergy working with Volkswagen ID Series with 77kWh, and enabled by IoTecha smart charging technology.”

ISO/IEC 15118 standard-based communication is a key component of IoTecha’s Combined Charging System on Module (CCSoM) controllers, and it enables V2G/V2H capabilities. IoTecha’s Smart Charging controllers implement the most current versions of ISO/IEC 15118 as well as other communication protocols and achieve an unparalleled level of interoperability within the industry. Factoring in advanced cybersecurity features, critical for any grid-interfacing equipment, IoTecha’s Smart Charging controllers and chargers are the obvious choice for bringing innovative charging solutions to market in record time.

“Interoperability and economies of scale do not know borders or even continental limitations. Technology is global and we have great opportunities for collaboration on a global scale,” shared Oleg Logvinov, CEO of IoTecha. “IoTecha is proud to work with Hager Energy to enable ISO/IEC 15118 powered V2G/V2H for the consumer market. ISO/IEC 15118 is a global standard and our cross-Atlantic collaboration with Hager Energy is a perfect proof point.”

This collaborative success illustrates IoTecha’s commitment to customers to enable them to accelerate their time to market and launch groundbreaking, future-proof products. IoTecha’s CCSoM family of Smart Charging controllers not only ensures seamless integration but also provides a distinctive advantage with its IoT.ON™ cloud feature, enabling advanced management services including remote troubleshooting of interoperability issues. In particular, IoTecha’s modules are architected to provide real-time insights into the Pilot Line communication, allowing for the comprehensive decoding of powerline communication and delivering an unparalleled level of transparency and control over the system.

This is the beginning of a new phase in transportation electrification. Together, Hager Energy and IoTecha demonstrate the transformative impact of strategic partnerships, leading-edge technology, and innovative solutions, not only on the EV industry but on the entire world with powerful tools to mitigate the climate challenge.

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