IoTecha to Participate and Sponsor Vehicle Interoperability Testing Symposium (VOLTS) Hosted by CharIN

April 28, 2023

IoTecha to Participate and Sponsor Vehicle Interoperability Testing  Symposium (VOLTS) Hosted by CharIN

Cranbury, New Jersey  — IoTecha Corp., an industry leader in electric vehicle (EV)
smart charging technology has announced its participation and sponsorship of the Vehicle
Interoperability Testing Symposium (VOLTS) hosted by the Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN).
VOLTS will be held on May 9 – 11 in Long Beach, California, and will focus on testing and interoperability of EV charging infrastructure.

IoTecha will participate in VOLTS to test its hardware and software components for compatibility and
interoperability with the Combined Charging System (CCS) standard. By undergoing this testing,
IoTecha aims to ensure that its EV charging platform featuring AC chargers, DC controllers, and testing
equipment is compatible with other products in the market so that IoTecha customers can provide a
better, more reliable charging experience to EV drivers.

In addition to the testing symposium, IoTecha will also take part in “The Future of Plug and Charge”
demonstration, which will feature the latest Plug and Charge technology using both AC and DC chargers.
As a part of this demonstration, IoTecha will engage in discussions about the future potential of Plug and
Charge through ISO 15118 for various use cases, such as reporting and load control.

“We are thrilled to participate and sponsor VOLTS,” said Oleg Logvinov, CEO of IoTecha. “We believe
that EV Charging interoperability testing is the path to a high-quality EV Charging experience. By
collaborating with other industry stakeholders, we can ensure that EV drivers have access to reliable
and interoperable charging infrastructure. We look forward to presenting our latest charging solutions
and engaging with other participants at VOLTS. We would like to express our gratitude to CharIN for
organizing this event and for the California Energy Commission’s support and funding of this
symposium, which plays a vital role in advancing the interoperability and improving the quality of the EV Charging experience.”

The conference will begin with IoTecha Corp. CEO and Chair of CharIN Inc., Oleg Logvinov, delivering
the Keynote presentation on the importance of global EV standards on May 9th. IoTecha will maintain a
strong presence at the conference with Michael Macaluso, IoTecha EVP of Engineering, participating in
the second panel of the day, “Accelerate Industry Acceptance and Implementation of ISO 15118-20,
Including Plug & Charge”.

IoTecha will also be sponsoring a post-conference event reception and dinner at VOLTS, providing an
opportunity for event participants to network and exchange ideas. Attendees from the conference and
the testing symposium will be invited and space will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.
IoTecha’s sponsorship and participation in VOLTS and its representation at these sessions highlight the
company’s dedication to improving the interoperability of EV charging infrastructure and accelerating

About IoTecha
IoTecha’s IoT.ONTM platform aims to accelerate the electric vehicle revolution by providing an integrated platform consisting of software, hardware and cloud components for the smart charging infrastructure and power grid integration of electric vehicles of all kinds. IoTecha customers are energy and power companies, charge point operators, and manufacturers of both Electric Vehicles and EV charging stations. IoTecha products include V2G and HomePlug Protocol Analyzer, Combined Charging System on Module (and custom modules), EV charging stations and IoT.ONTM Cloud-based services.

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